Ken Daly, CEO JML, to star in “Buy it Now” for C4

Ken Daly, CEO of JML, is to star in a new TV show in the UK & Ireland called Buy It Now. 30 episodes have been recorded and will air on Channel 4 at 5.30pm every weekday from 16th April.

Buy It Now’s format involves ‘Inventors’ pitching products to a studio audience of 100 ‘Shoppers’ who then vote whether they would buy. A panel comprising of Ken and two other expert ‘Retailers’ give their verdict on the products and potentially place life changing orders.

The show, produced by Studio Lambert is hosted by TV presenter, comedian and actor Brian Conley, who recently re-launched his career as a contestant on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.

Commenting on his involvement in the show, Ken said ‘Buy It Now provides a unique platform for inventors to showcase their products and gain instantaneous market research from a studio audience of shoppers. It’s a fantastic format, highly entertaining and I had a huge amount of fun on the show. JML has sourced dozens of promising new products as a result and we’re very excited about their potential.’

Source: ERA website