First and foremost JML is a consumer goods company that develops and distributes top selling, innovative products that make everyday easier. Our USP is that we use video to demonstrate our products in-store, and online as well as on TV.

JML’s philosophy is to do as much in-house as possible. This way we can be highly flexible to our customers’ needs and react more quickly to changing requirements. We also like to develop a range of skills for our people and make JML a more interesting and rewarding place to work.

Product Development

Great products that make life ‘everyday easier’ are fundamental to JML’s success.  Our team source new ideas from around the world from multiple sources including factories, inventors, trade shows and international partners.  Following market research to assess potential, a product then goes through the most rigorous physical testing before it can be considered further.  Only then will it be developed with packaging and video content from our marketing teams so that market testing can begin.   The development process then becomes highly data driven with online and retail trials to ascertain potential future consumer demand.

Only a tiny fraction of products considered by our team will meet the exacting requirements that lead to us rolling out across our retail customers’ stores and within our own direct to consumer operation.  Successful products may also then be suitable for international distribution.

As well as developing our own products, JML secures the UK and Ireland distribution rights for the very best innovative products with promotional video films from around the world.  In our home markets therefore, roughly 50% of the items we sell are JML developed, and 50% are from our international partners.

Video Production

Every JML product is developed in conjunction with a video. In-store videos, TV commercials, YouTube pre-rolls, infomercials, Facebook content and many other formats – we produce hundreds of videos every year in order to explain the features and benefits of our products.

In order to make this happen JML has it’s own film production team along with our own studio, edit suites and 3D graphics facilities. The objective is to make highly engaging content that informs the shopper and of course sells the product!

Support Teams

Customer Service, National Account Management, International Account Management and Logistics Support are handled by dedicated teams of JML professionals, either based at our Chiswick head office in west London, or our Tyne Dock support centre in South Shields, Tyne & Wear.

Whatever our customers’ requirements, we ensure that we provide all the necessary resources to provide first class service and making working with JML everyday easier.


Fast moving, innovative products require a supply chain that is equally rapid and is also reliable, efficient and flexible. JML handles Direct to Consumer distribution in-house from our dedicated Tyne Dock facility in South Shields, Tyne & Wear. JML staff carefully pick and pack every order that is despatched to shoppers that order online or via our call centre.

Bulk distribution to UK & Ireland retailers is managed by JML’s partner, the Port of Tyne, at the same site in South Shields. Global distribution to customers throughout the world is facilitated by a small number of key partner logistic firms that JML has worked with for many years and provide the highest service standards.


JML works with retail partners for local distribution within a particular market or with distributors to handle wider strategic coverage.