Over more than 30 years JML has built up a first class reputation for being a partner of integrity and loyalty with numerous businesses, organisations and individuals around the world including stockists, suppliers, media agencies, banks and logistics providers. If you are interested in working with us, we’d really like to hear from you.


Our products are heavily advertised on TV and promoted widely via numerous other channels such as social media, online influencers and press. Consumers are therefore very aware of the latest innovations from JML and want to buy in a quick convenient way. As a result, our products sell in large volumes when stocked by retailers.

One of the most profitable uses of retail space

Space dedicated to JML is often one of the most profitable uses of floor space in a retail environment. Online, retailers find that JML is one of the most searched brands.

Screens in stores generate sales

JML is famous for promoting products with video screens in retail stores.  We can supply screens and the video content free of charge, depending on the type of retailer.

Nationwide field support

We have a Field Support Team of over 90 people based throughout the country who support retail stores with regular visits.

Solutions for every type of retailer

At JML we tailor our operation to provide an exceptional opportunity for many different types of retailer – from large multiples to small independents.


JML already supplies products to distributors in over 50 global markets.  Our partners include wholesalers, multi-channel retailers, TV home shopping companies, eCommerce operators and bricks & mortar store groups. Packaging and video content can be adapted to suit different international markets. 

Internationally JML works with most of the top names in the multi-channel home shopping industry and has partnerships which have been forged over many years.  Some of these companies are customers, some are suppliers, and often they will be both.

Goods are shipped to our customers in bulk quantities either direct from the manufacturer, or from one of our warehouses.  Our International Team supports all of our distributors with a first-class service that ensures JML provides an easy way to increase revenues.

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Invention and innovation are values JML is built on. In over 30 years of operation we have never stopped cultivating new ideas and seeking the next best products. From inventor days, to judging Channel 4’s “Buy it Now”, we have always welcomed innovation and worked with entrepreneurs to fully realise their vision.

Our product development team assess developed products, worked prototypes and even early stage concepts. Experts at shaping ideas, JML ensure that every concept meets rigorous high standards for quality, value and innovation. We’re always working with the Inventor to bring their idea to life using JML’s consumer experience and developmental expertise.

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Factories and Product Suppliers

We have forged many excellent relationships with factories and global product suppliers, working to every shipping requirement. With millions of high-quality goods ordered and transported every year, we work with every supplier to ensure we fully meet each-other’s expectations.

Our dedicated product development team travel across the world to meet the best suppliers and visit the principal sites of manufacturing. With experience across different regulatory markets and relationships with major international retailers, JML are the next step in distributing your winning products.

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JML works with many of the UK’s biggest and most prestigious retailer supplying products to over 10,000 stores nationwide.