Ken Daly is an investor, industry commentator and the CEO of innovative international consumer brand JML.

Who is Ken Daly?

A product innovator and a highly entrepreneurial CEO, Ken began selling when he was at school where he set up various business enterprises. It was also there that Ken became passionate about keeping fit and was a key member of the rowing team. The trend continued at Exeter University, where Ken juggled his studies in Electronic Engineering with part-time sales jobs and gaining a black belt in judo.

After becoming JML’s fourth full-time staff member in 1994, Ken found his ‘passion’, moving away from a career in electronics to make JML one of Britain’s most respected companies. In 2011, he was appointed CEO.

Outside of business, Ken enjoys playing the piano and practising judo. He lives in West London with his wife and two children.


Ken was one of just four members of staff when he joined JML as a Sales Representative in 1994. He was fundamental to the company’s rapid expansion and move from the basement of founder John Mills house to its first purpose-built office in Kentish Town.

As the company expanded, Ken quickly moved through the ranks and was named Sales Leader of the Year at the National Sales Awards in 2004. The CEO since 2011, Ken is known for his innovative approach, which has made JML a truly international organisation and a household name in the United Kingdom, with 7/10 households in Britain having purchased a JML product.

“Buy It Now”

Now in its second season, Buy It Now’s TV format involves ‘Inventors’ pitching products to a studio audience of 100 ‘Shoppers’, who then vote whether they would buy them. A panel comprising Ken and two other expert ‘Retailers’ give their verdict on the products and place potentially life-changing orders.

Commenting on his involvement in the show, Ken said ‘Buy It Now provides a unique platform for inventors to showcase their products and gain instantaneous market research from a studio audience of shoppers. It’s a fantastic format, highly entertaining and I had a huge amount of fun on the show. JML has sourced dozens of promising new products as a result and we’re very excited about their potential.’

Next Speaking at:

Retail Expo
April 29th | London


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