Every decision and innovation at JML has measured reasoning behind it. With our multi-disciplined team covering every aspect of our sector, there is not much JML hasn’t encountered in over 30 years of operation. Peruse our latest insights and discover how JML gives every product its story.

JML has remained operational throughout the Covid-19 crisis. Our Direct to Consumer business has experienced a very large increase in volume of orders and we are working extremely hard to deliver our products to shoppers quickly and efficiently. We are also doing our very best to maintain our full after

One might have thought that with most of the world unable to leave their homes except to get the absolute necessities in life, there would be little to report here. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many of the industry colleagues that I speak to regularly have never been

Innovative consumer shopping brand JML, today announced their search for Britain’s best innovators with a JML Inventors’ day at the 2020 Spring Fair. Behind such products as Copper Stone Pans, Doktor Power, and Mineral Magic, JML have a long history of partnering with successful inventors to bring their ideas to

Ken Daly, CEO of innovative consumer products group JML, will feature on the second series of Buy It Now, "Buy It Now for Christmas", airing Thursday 28th November at 8pm. Channel 4 has commissioned a Christmas-themed series, hosted by Rylan Clark-Neal. Four episodes will air every Thursday evening in the

'UK RETAILERS SEE 6% drop in shopper numbers,’ ran one headline recently. ‘More clouds gather over UK retail,’ went another. Swipe through your morning news feed and you’ll have the impression that wherever you look, you’ll find the detritus and charred remains of the latest victims of the ‘retail apocalypse’.

JML, the innovative consumer products group, has purchased a 50% stake in DeVancer Ltd, the company behind the iBeani branded range of electronic tablet holders. DeVancer Ltd, based in Nottinghamshire, was founded in 2014 by Ashley Freer and Nigel Spencer. The core product line is the multi-award winning iBeani tablet

Bricks and mortar retailers are currently in a mad rush to offload stores. Boots recently announced that they are likely to close 200 outlets. Marks & Spencer see their future with a slimmed down portfolio of physical shops, and the once mighty Arcadia is just the latest British retailer to

SEVERAL WEEKS AGO, I issued a warning of sorts. My intention was to reach retailers whose preoccupation with profitability in these times of upheaval was, perhaps understandably, blinding them to the concerns of their staff. My article was also a response: Mark Price, the former managing director of Waitrose, had

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