Ken Daly is an investor, industry commentator and the CEO of innovative international consumer brand JML.

'UK RETAILERS SEE 6% drop in shopper numbers,’ ran one headline recently. ‘More clouds gather over UK retail,’ went another. Swipe through your morning news feed and you’ll have the impression that wherever you look, you’ll find the detritus and charred remains of the latest victims of the ‘retail apocalypse’.

Bricks and mortar retailers are currently in a mad rush to offload stores. Boots recently announced that they are likely to close 200 outlets. Marks & Spencer see their future with a slimmed down portfolio of physical shops, and the once mighty Arcadia is just the latest British retailer to

SEVERAL WEEKS AGO, I issued a warning of sorts. My intention was to reach retailers whose preoccupation with profitability in these times of upheaval was, perhaps understandably, blinding them to the concerns of their staff. My article was also a response: Mark Price, the former managing director of Waitrose, had

JUST A FEW years ago, the widespread prediction was that bricks-and-mortar retail would fall by the wayside or even collapse entirely. That has been proved wrong: organisations large and small, old and new, have shown great resilience, and an enormous capacity for innovation. Far from falling off a cliff, companies